Fresh AiR

Fresh Air

In an exciting new development facilitated by local artist and curator Alex Grey, Hop opens its 2016 programme by welcoming a series of up-and-coming Artists-in-Residence for three weeks in February. The gallery will be open to visitors on three successive weekends, so come and see what our artists have been up to and how each of them in turn has filled the space.





Open: Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 February, 11am–4pm

Diana Burch –

Hop’s artist-in-residence season opens with the gallery being taken over by Diana Burch, a Surrey artist whose practice studies the use of line as a means for describing and dividing space. Using a diverse range of lightweight materials, she will be drawing on a large scale in three dimensions to redescribe the gallery space in terms of complex, evolving networks, recalling human and geophysical shortcuts across landscape. Diana will be presenting her work on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 February.


Open: Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 February, 11am–4pm

Patricia Thornton –
Rachael Adams –
Robert Littleford –

The following week sees the gallery occupied by a trio of Sussex artists who aim to explore a theme of narrative and journey both individually and together. Patricia Thornton will be working rapidly with sketches and collage to capture the fleeting, fugitive nature of the human figure. Rachael Adams will be using the space to accumulate a display of images and artefacts that narrate what may or may not be a truthful sense of place. And Robert Littleford will be creating work that expresses the inner dialogue that occurs when walking, to create a topographical representation of mind as well as of the actual landscape. Patricia, Rachael and Robert will be in the gallery on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February.


Open: Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 February, 11am–4pm

Andrew James –

Fresh AiR’s final week sees the gallery transformed by a series of projectors covering the walls with the animations of cutting-edge London artist Andrew James. Andrew’s work will immerse visitors in an imaginary world constructed from drawings, notes and diagrams of a fictitious group of unrealised sculptures, and invites them to speculate as to what aspect of their presence is interacting with the animations to control what is seen. Andrew will be sharing this experimental project on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 February.


Imagined Landscapes

Dawn Stacey

Dawn Stacey

Preview and meet the artist: Friday 18 March, 7pm–9pm
Exhibition: Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 March
Open: Saturday and Sunday, 11am–4.30pm

An opportunity to see over 20 paintings from Dawn inspired by imagined landscapes, capturing moments in woodland to lakes through nature and the changing seasons.


Paint, Print And Pixels

Val White

Val White

Exhibition celebration and meet the artist: Saturday 26 March, 12.30pm–2.30pm
Exhibition:Saturday 26 March to Sunday 10 April
Open:Wednesday to Saturday 11am–4.30pm / Sunday 12noon–4.30pm / Closed Monday & Tuesday

Val returns to the Hop Gallery with a mixed show of past and present works and a group of her iPad paintings transferred to canvas. A selection of unframed prints will be in the browser. Postcards and greetings cards will also be for sale.

Open Easter Monday, 12noon–4.30pm


Truth and Chaos

Nancy Howard-Price

Truth & Chaos

Exhibition celebration and meet the artist: Sunday 17 April, 12.30pm–2.30pm
Exhibition: Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 April
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 11am–4.30pm / Sunday 12noon–4.30pm / Closed Monday

Nancy seeks to capture truth and chaos in her landscape painting. Each time locating very different aspects, but always hoping to reward the viewer with a shared pleasure and excitement.


Home and Away

Jackie Hurwood & Janet Redden

Jackie Hurwood

Exhibition celebration and meet the artists: Saturday 30 April, 12.30pm–2.30pm
Exhibition: Saturday 30 April to Sunday 8 May
Open: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am–4.30pm / Sunday 12noon–4.30pm / Closed Monday

This exhibition of recent work in pastel, oils and watercolours aims to demonstrate Jackie and Janet’s experience of the natural world in terms of light, colour and form. Using subjects found locally and from their travels abroad the artists celebrate the positive and attempt to capture the immediacy of each image.

Open Bank Holiday Monday, 12noon–4.30pm

At the Still Point of the Turning World

Gaylord Meech

Gaylord Meech

Exhibition celebration and meet the artist: Sunday 15 May, 12.30pm–2.30pm
Exhibition: Saturday 14 to Thursday 26 May
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 11am–4.30pm / Sunday 12noon–4.30pm / Closed Monday

In this, his fourth exhibition at the Hop Gallery, Gaylord explores one of the fundamental tensions in human experience: that between movement and stillness. Human figures are captured in moments of change, restlessness, transformation, dynamic energy. In contrast, the worlds of nature and physical landscape evoke a sense of stillness and calmness, and even a more transcendent kind of time.





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